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Half Pig - Deposit

*Cut Sheet Example*

1. What Size:

Whole  Half  Quarter

2. Bacon:

Smoked Fresh

3. Pork Chops:


            1/2”  3/4”  1”

            How many per package (minimum of 4):

            6 or more

4. Pork Steaks:


            1/2”  3/4”  1”

            How many per package (minimum of 3):

            5 6 or more

5. Loin Roast:

Yes  No

6. Shoulder Roast:

Yes  No

7. Spare Ribs:

Yes  No

8. Hocks Smoked:

Yes  No

9. Sausage  Ground Pork

If it’s a whole pig, you can have this meat split 3 ways.  If it’s a half pig, there is only one way to do it.

Italian  Hot Italian  Breakfast  Cajun

Half Pig - Deposit

  • Our hogs grow to about 250lbs in 6 months with an estimated hanging weight of 175lbs (70%) or approx. 85lbs for a 1/2 hog.


    Final cost is determined at time of processing. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your order. 


    Price is based on hanging weight (HW) @ $4.49/lb less your deposit, plus a processing fee estimated at roughly $1/lb.  The final balance is due at the time of pickup. 


    Estimated costs are as follows:


    Half hog: 85lbs x $5.49 = $466 (final est. processed weight is 75lbs)


    Once your order is placed and deposit received your order will be reserved.  We will contact you to complete a cut sheet to customize your order nearer to the date of processing.

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